Powerchip Semiconductor

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The Powerchip Technology Corporation is a Taiwanese company whose business includes the manufacture of memory products and foundry services ( contract manufacturing ).

Powerchip was founded in December 1994 in the Hsinchu Science Park. In 1998, Powerchip has been affiliated with the Taiwan GreTai Securities Market and merged in 1999. Powerchip offered its first DDR SDRAM memory units and became the first public company in Taiwan, which was offered on the Luxembourg stock exchange. In December 2009, Powerchip had a total of 4,200 employees, a capital of 87.8 billion NTD and an annual turnover of 31.1 billion NTD.

Today Powerchip cooperates with Japan's Elpida in research and development, production and marketing of advanced DRAM products. In 2009, developed and produced Powerchip alone 4 GB of flash memory in Taiwan.