PowerNow! is called a power-saving technology for notebook processors from AMD. A similar operation can be found in Intel's SpeedStep and Centaurs LongHaul or Power Saver.

The operation is relatively simple: core voltage and clock rate of the processor are adapted to the current requirement of computing power. Thus, with low CPU usage, the clock rate is lowered, reducing the voltage. This reduces the power consumption ( and heat). When more power is needed, the CPU is clocked again later. This switchover takes place within fractions of a second and is not noticeable by the user.

PowerNow! affects in three ways:

  • One battery charge lasts longer sustain the operation of a notebook. The lower the load on the processor, the more the power consumption can be reduced.
  • The processor, and thus the entire notebook is cooler because less heat is caused. The noise also decreases because of the fan is not so frequently switched.
  • Characterized in that the processor reaches lower temperatures, the life of which is proportionally reduced by a high temperature increases.

For use comes PowerNow! in the following CPUs:

  • K6 -2
  • K6 -2-P
  • K6- III
  • K6- III -P
  • Mobile Duron
  • Mobile Athlon 4
  • Athlon XP -M

In Athlon 64-based CPUs, the development Cool'n'Quiet used at the local mobile CPU but also comes PowerNow! is called:

A further development of the PowerNow! Technology is Enhanced PowerNow!.

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