Powiat is the Polish equivalent for, district ', an administrative unit of the second level of local self-government in Poland. It is smaller than Voivodeship ( województwo ), but larger than Gmina, community '. Normally there is a powiat from 5 to 15 gminas.

The history of Powiats dates back to the 14th century. They were dissolved in 1975, but eventually introduced in the course of administrative reform on 1 January 1999 again when we reduced the number of provinces from 49 to 16. Currently, there are 314 so-called counties ( powiat Ziemski, such as powiat Piotrkowski, Circle Petrikau ' and powiat Policki, County Pölitz ') and 65 urban districts ( powiat grodzki, eg Szczecin, Szczecin ' and Piotrków, Petrikau ').

Powiats are in the regional statistics for the European Union, depending on the number of inhabitants in NUTS 3 or LAU 1

Legislative: the district council ( rada powiatu ) Executive: District Executive ( Zarząd powiatu ) with its Chairman, the District Administrator ( starosta ) and its subordinate district office ( starostwo powiatowe ), about also District Secretary ( sekretarz powiatu ) and district chief financial officer ( Skarbnik powiatu ). The executive authorities are elected by the county council. The Polish authorities are thus counties with municipal constitution.

You are just like the communities legally separate and autonomous units.

The circles perceive only the tasks that can not be met by the municipalities, as the real local self-governments, which are attributed to them as a matter of administrative tasks explicitly by law. In this respect they are comparable well with the offices or administrative Communities ( Thuringia).

Cities with county rights

Towns with county rights ( miasta na prawach powiatu ) are the municipalities, which also assume the duties of the circles. Colloquially and often in the law they are called urban districts ( powiat grodzki ). Your legislature is the city council ( rada miasta ) and executive is the mayor ( prezydent miasta ). Both bodies are elected by the people (Süddeutsche Council Constitution).