Poxdorf, Thuringia

Poxdorf is a town in the Saale- wood land district of Thuringia, and part of fulfilling community Biirgel.



The place is located in a wooded area about three kilometers north of the city Biirgel and about 10 km ( air line) west of the county town of Eisenberg.

Neighboring communities

Adjacent communities are clockwise Tautenburg, the city Schkölen and Mertendorf in the north, the city Biirgel in the east, the south and Nausnitz Graitschen in the West.


Poxdorf is located in a side of the tracks.


Highest elevations, the northern to the village Poxdorfer height ( 356 m above sea level. NN ).


Along the middle Saale valley originated at Jena, Tautenburg, Dornburg / Saale, Camburg and other places since the 10th century castles and fortifications that occupy the pushing back of the Slavs in the reign of the German kings Henry I and Otto I.. Hausen - - Even with Poxdorf a smaller castle was called. The castle site, now a ground monument, located about 1.5 km east of the region on the output of the devil reason. The same satellite village of Hausen was also destroyed. The castle was used primarily to protect two commercial routes which passed east below the castle: a north -south connection ( Nürnberger Straße ) Nuremberg to Naumburg / Saale and Merseburg and an east -west connection from Dornburg / Saale in the direction of Zeitz Altenburg. This Altstrasse led by the Tautenburg forest towards Tautenburg. The castle protected steep slopes on three sides and to the east there was a wall- trench fortifications. Castle and village of Hausen said to have been destroyed in 1450 in the Saxon Brother War. In the years 1239 and 1256 found the men of Hausen mention.

At Wolfgang Kahl is mentioned in 1145 as urkundliches Ersterwähnungsjahr Poxdorfs.


  • The Poxdorfer church is a Romanesque building in the core, these include the apse with an arched window. About the southern portal directs an inscription on a conversion measure in 1718.
  • On the northern outskirts of the village lies the nature reserve Poxdorfer slope.
  • The Burgwüstung Hausen and related deserted village was hit back in the 19th century of excavations, the site is an ancient monument.