Poya (disambiguation)

Poya stands for:

  • Poya, Alpaufzug in the French dialect of the Swiss canton of Fribourg
  • Poya d' Estavannens, a popular festival in the municipality in the Swiss canton of Fribourg Estavannens
  • Poya, a spread in Central India Dravidian language, see Gadaba
  • Poya (Buddhism ), a public holiday in Buddhism
  • Poya Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge with the largest span of Switzerland, since 2008 under construction

La Poya is the name of:

  • A castle in Fribourg in Switzerland, see Poya (lock)
  • A barracks in Fribourg, Switzerland
  • A community in New Caledonia, see Poya (New Caledonia)
  • A hamlet of the town of Aosta Valley in the Italian Chambave

POYA is the abbreviation for:

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