Poya, New Caledonia

Poya is a municipality in New Caledonia, which is since 1989, is divided into a northern part, in the Northern Province, and the southern part in the Southern Province. The inhabitants live mostly in the northern part.

The municipality is located mostly on the main island of Grande Terre, but also other small islands off the coast belong to it. The distance to the capital Nouméa is 209 km.

The highest peak is located in the north of the Massif de Boulinda 1,330 m.

In Poya there is a Nickelabbbaugebiet ( Népoui mine ) Eramet and a loading port (21 ° 20 ' S, 164 ° 59' O 21.335833333333164.98805555556 ). ( See also: garnierite and Népouit )



Poya evolved from a camp where road construction workers were housed. Later on a military base was established, which existed until 1884.

Facilities and Attractions

Poya, with its town hall, hospital, post office and a police station, an important administrative center in the north of New Caledonia. Worth seeing is mainly the 1993 inaugurated church.