PP is an abbreviation for:

  • Papa, as a shortcut behind the Latin name pope, see Pope # Title
  • Papua New Guinea, in FIPS -10 code
  • Parker Points, a wine rating
  • Pater patriae, German " father of the nation ", a Roman honorific
  • Father Putativus, German " adoptive father " or " alleged father ", a name of St. Joseph as the father of Jesus
  • Chief of police
  • Police headquarters
  • Pro Patria (Latin ), discharge of Verabredungsmensuren between several Paukanten two resounding fraternities, see Verabredungsmensur
  • Walther PP, a handgun

Politics and Economy:

  • Parti Populaire or PersonenPartij, Belgian right - liberal party
  • Partido Patriota, Guatemalan Party
  • Partido Progresista (Spain ), historic Spanish Liberal Party
  • Progress Partido Paulista, Brazil's conservative party
  • PayPal, an online payment system
  • Pēdējā partija, Latvian party
  • Piratpartiet, the Swedish Pirate Party
  • Progressive Party, South African party that later Progressive Federal Party (PFP )


  • Pancreatic polypeptide, a gastrointestinal hormone
  • Particulate phosphorus bound to particles phosphorus fraction
  • Participle, an infinite verb form
  • Proof, a Production of coins for collectors and cabinets, see Grading of Coins # Grading
  • Polygon point in surveying
  • Polypropylene, a plastic, see also polypropylene film capacitor
  • Poppers, a term for short-acting drugs
  • Prepositional phrase
  • Probabilistic polynomial time, a complexity class in theoretical computer science
  • Production potential
  • Prohibitivpreis
  • Protection Profile, Protection Profile for definition of IT security
  • Procedural programming, a programming paradigm that can be developed by the computer programs
  • Pseudo-potential in quantum mechanics
  • Has a psychological psychotherapist in Germany a psychologist who completed training as a psychological psychotherapist after the Psychotherapy Act ( PsychThG ) after completed with a diploma or master degree in psychology and the approbation, the ability to independently conduct of psychotherapy received,
  • Pulse pressure, pulse amplitude, also called as pulse pressure or blood pressure amplitude
  • Pyrophosphate, another name for diphosphates

PP as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Bulgaria: Oblast Razgrad
  • UK: Preston
  • Croatia: Change Plate ( prijenosne Pločice )
  • Macedonia: Prilep
  • Norway: Kristiansand in Vest-Agder county
  • Poland: powiat Pilski in the Greater Poland Voivodeship
  • Serbia: Prijepolje
  • Slovakia: Okres Poprad

PP. is an abbreviation for:

  • Fathers, plural of Father of Catholic religious and religious communities

Pp, P.P. is an abbreviation for:

  • Party, please! (English), German " request for consent to an alliance ," in Internet strategy and role-playing games, see MMORPG jargon
  • By proxy, also ppa, before additional signatures on behalf of a general merchant by a duly authorized officer
  • Pianissimo, description and instructions for game " very quiet" in the music, see Dynamics ( music) # Uniform volumes
  • Post partum (Latin ), German " after birth " ( gynecology ) see, postpartum
  • Praemissis praemittendis (Latin ), German " by Chic Kung advance of Vorauszuschickenden " as part of the salutation in historical letters, dedications and the like. , see salutation (correspondence )
  • Per parte (Latin ), when two taxon names are only partially synonymous (taxonomy )
  • Professor publicus (Latin ), German " public professor "
  • ( sanatio ) by first intention ( intentionem ) (Latin ), primary wound healing without complicating infection in surgery, wound healing, see # distinction between primary and secondary wound healing

Pp. is an abbreviation for:

  • Perge, perge (Latin ) for " continue, proceed " or " and so forth ", usually in the phrase, etc., etc.. , see et cetera
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