Pra River (Ghana)

Ghana, the Pra is visible at the border Ashanti and Central Region and opens in Sekondi -Takoradi in the Atlantic

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The Pra is a river in Ghana.

In his first third of it forms the border between the Ashanti Region and the Eastern Region, then flows through the Central Region and leads finally east of Sekondi -Takoradi in the Western Region in the Atlantic. Together with its tributaries, Anum, Offin and Birimian forms of Pra the second largest drainage system in Ghana, just after the White Volta and its tributaries. Mainly drained the Pra always humid rain forests of the region.

The Pra flows near the village of Shama in the Atlantic and is not navigable, despite its size. On the entire route with the exception of the estuary of the Pra is a river full of rapids ( eg Bosomasi Rapids ). In Twi - Praso it crosses the now disused railway line from Accra to Sekondi, so that the Pra had to be spanned by a railway bridge. The mouth of the Pra in Shama has been developed into an important moment for the city and the region fishing port.

In the 19th century, the Pra formed the border between the Ashanti Empire ( Ashanti Konföderatie ), and the Crown Colony of the Gold Coast.

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