Praga Khan

Praga Khan (born 20 century whose real name is Maurice Engelen in Belgium) is a Belgian record producer, composer, singer and DJ. He gained in the New Beat scene to international prominence. With several gigs he also appeared under the name Maurizzio De Angelo or Somora.


His preferred partners were Jade 4 U ( Nikki Van Lierop ) and Oliver Adams. With these two Praga Khan realized major projects like Lords of Acid, Channel X or Digital Orgasm. His biggest success was the project Praga Khan featuring Jade 4 U and the most famous publication next (Kick Back For The) Rave Alarm was Injected with a poison in the spring of 1992, a Dance-/-House-Act, with the two of the top 20 reached in the British dance charts and number 1 was in the top Billboard charts in Japan. By the time his music was stylistically from House and Rave trancier. 2007 Praga Khan created the soundtrack to the Belgian-Dutch feature film Ben X

Since 2010, in which he co-founded label he is next to "Sonic Angel" as a producer active., In which he discovered in the Belgian participants of ESC 2010, Tom Dice, is under contract. The Belgian representative at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2012, Iris, there has a contract.