Prague Marathon

The Prague Marathon ( official name Prague International Marathon ) is a marathon, which takes place in Prague since 1995 in May. He is the best-attended marathon Czech Republic.

The start and finish of the route is the Old Town Square. From there you drive on the Charles Bridge on the left bank of the Vltava River. Follow this road down the river to the Libeňský most, one returns over the to the right bank. After twelve kilometers you're back at the starting point and sets out on a loop through the old town. On the Most Legií again to reach the banks of the Vltava, the one upriver follows, interrupted by another loop into town. Shortly after the half way mark you reach the southernmost point of the line, turns around and goes on a direct path to Palackého most about which one again reaches the left bank of the Vltava. After a loop to the south it is on the banks downriver to Most Legií about which one briefly the river bank changes before it goes over the Charles Bridge to the last round, which is largely identical to the first stretch. The course is 10 meters height difference between the lowest and the highest point extremely flat.


Track records

  • Men: 2:05:39 h, Eliud Kiptanui (KEN ), 2010 (fastest time in the Czech lands )
  • Women: 2:22:34 h, Lydia Cheromei (KEN ), 2011 (fastest time a runner on Czech soil )

List of winners

Sources: website of the organizer, ARRS

  • Track records

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