Prancer (film)

Prancer is a Christmas movie, which was staged in 1989 by John Hancock.


The 9 -year-old Jessica is suffering from the death of her mother. Since these told her from Santa Claus, they steadfastly adhere firmly to this belief, for which neither her father and older brother Steve still her best friend Carol understand. Her father, who can keep the family afloat with difficulty wants to give his daughter dearest to her aunt.

One day he finds an injured reindeer in the forest Jessica. In the belief that it was to Prancer, one of the reindeer of Santa Claus, Jessica tries to heal the animal without her father thereof learns something. She gets a surprise help from her brother.

When she asks a department store Santa Claus to inform the real whereabouts on Prancer, this instead informed the local newspaper, which published a great article. Her father, however, has discovered the animal in the meantime and sold it to a butcher.

Together with Steve Jessica makes up at night to rid the animal issued by the buyer. She tries to persuade Prancer, fly away, as Jessica from Santa Claus reindeer expected, so her doubts arise about whether it really is a magical reindeer, but falls off the cage and remains lying unconscious.

Given the strong sympathy of the community in Jessica's sincere faith recognizes her father, what he did to his daughter so that he gave away the animal. He buys back the animal. When they leave it blank, it runs over a cliff and disappears. But a moment later hear Jessica and her father, the bells of Santa's sleigh team of horses which later turns up little in the sky and into which integrates Prancer as a rising star.


Rebecca Harrell and Ariana Richards were each nominated for the Young Artist Award.


The lexicon of international film wrote that the film was "a narrated in comparatively somber tone Christmas movie, supported by good performers. " He culminates " in the knowledge that the reconciliation between father and daughter is the best Christmas present. "


The film played in theaters in the USA about a 18.6 million U.S. dollars. In 2001 was created for the video market a sequel titled Prancer returns that Joshua Butler turned from a screenplay by Greg Taylor and acted in John Corbett, Stacy Edwards, Michael O'Keefe and Jack Palance.