Pravčická brána

The Prebischtor (Czech: Pravčická brána ) is located in the Bohemian Switzerland. The sleek rock formations is the largest natural sandstone rock bridge in Europe. With a wingspan of 26.5 meters, a clear height of 16 meters, 8 meters maximum width and three meters Torbogenstärke it is one of the most outstanding natural monuments of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.


1826 an inn was built at Prebischtor. 1881 was prince Edmund von Clary - Aldringens in its place the hotel " Falcon Nest " (Czech: Sokolí hnízdo ) built with 50 beds.

Because of the strong erosion due to visitors entering the rock bridge is officially no longer possible since 1982. The steel stairs that led from the Czech side of the gate were, just as the railing dismantled on the Prebischtor. The entire area of the Prebischtors is since the privatization of the hotel is privately owned and is within the opening times against an entrance fee (2013: . Kč 75 / concession 25 Kč and 3 € / reduced € 1) accessible.

Walking routes

Below the Prebischtors leads along the mountain trail Eisenach- Budapest. The Brana, officially accessible only from the Czech side. It can be reached via a footpath from Hřensko ( Herrnskretschen ) or via the Gabriel Trail from Brana ( Rain meadow). The 1945 German side to Prebischtor leading Fremdenweg ends today near the Krinitzgrabs below the Great Winterberg. The rest of the travel history of the German- Czech border, is located in the core zone of the National Park Saxon Switzerland and is locked for hikers, as well as the continued on the Czech side of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.


Some landscape shots for the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion of Narnia were filmed here. Since the Prebischtor may not be entered, were the recordings in which the actors seem to run over the rock bridge, subsequently rotated and inserted in the studio.

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