Praxair, Inc. is a company from the United States, headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut. The company is listed on the S & P 500. 2012 employed around 26,000 people worldwide Praxair in 50 countries.

Work areas

Industrial Gases

Praxair is a manufacturer of various industrial gases:

  • Atmospheric gases (nitrogen, oxygen, argon )
  • Process gases (hydrogen, helium, ethyne ( acetylene), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide)
  • Noble gases (xenon, neon, krypton )
  • Gases for medical applications with special production requirements (oxygen, nitrous oxide (laughing gas ), gas mixtures)

Aircraft Maintenance

The department " Praxair Aviation Services " ( aircraft maintenance ) was sold to the finance company Gridiron Capital, LLC in April 2006.


Praxair designs, manufactures and distributes equipment for the production, purification and transport of gases such as

  • Container for gas storage (including refrigeration )
  • Equipment for air separation
  • Piping systems
  • Cleaning Equipment

Surface coatings

The subsidiary " Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc." is a supplier of coatings on ceramic base. Subsidiary " Praxair Coatec " coated turbine blades, bearings, rollers.


Praxair supplies to companies from around the world, among others in the fields of aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, food, glass production and processing, health, metal processing, oil and gas extraction and processing, textiles, etc.