Precious (Band)

Precious was a British pop girl group, which in 1999 represented the UK at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Jerusalem and thus gained great fame.

Band History

The group called Precious was founded in late 1998 by the girlfriends Sophie McDonnell and Jenny Frost. In a series of auditions, the other band members called Anya Lahiri, Kalli Clark -Sternberg and Louise Rose were determined. As the lead singer Rose was appointed.

In 1999, Precious for Great Britain at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Jerusalem. With their hit Say It Again they ended up with 38 points on the twelfth. As a result, the band was able to conclude a contract with the record label EMI. Say It Again was released as a single and went straight into the UK singles chart in sixth place.

On November 20, published in 2000 their debut album called Precious Precious. However, the commercial success declined in late 2000 and so they agreed to go their separate ways and continually to focus on the solo careers of the members. So McDonnell presented the children's program of the BBC, Frost replaced in 2001 - the then retired because of her pregnancy - Kerry Katona in both UK girl group Atomic Kitten and Lahiri turned back to her modeling career, where she was in 2003 one of the FHM " Pit Girls". She also started a new career as an actress, where she starred alongside Jacqueline Bisset and Daniel Bernhardt. Rose was also an actress and Clark -Sternberg remained loyal to the music as a singer.




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