Prefectures of the People's Republic of China

Administrative districts (Chinese地区/地区, Pinyin Diqu ) are administrative units of the People's Republic of China. The term covenant (盟, Meng ) (also: " League ") in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region corresponds to the Mongolian aimag. The frets correspond to the administrative districts in the other autonomous regions and provinces of China.

Administrative districts and frets under direct government control of the province or autonomous region in which they are located. The only exception are the administrative districts of Altay and Tacheng in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which are subordinate to the Government of the Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Ili.

Administrative districts and frets are " Province of Central authorities ", ie they do not have people's congresses (人大, Renda ), no Political Consultative Conference of the Chinese People's Conference (CPPCC ,政协/政协, ZhengXie ) and especially not people's government (人民政府Renmin zhèngfǔ ). Instead, they have an administrative office (行政公署, Xingzheng gōngshǔ ).

Currently, there are 14 administrative regions and three confederations in China. Their number may decrease in the future, since they are to be converted into prefecture-level cities. In some places (eg in the Tibet Autonomous Region ), the government districts are probably still remain.


The following list contains all the still existing 14 administrative districts, according to assumption at the provincial level:

  • Heilongjiang Province: Great Hinggan Mountains
  • Nagqu
  • Ngari
  • Nyingchi
  • Qamdo
  • Shannan
  • Xigazê
  • Aksu
  • Altay ( subordinate to the Autonomous District Ili )
  • Hotan
  • Kashgar
  • Accumulation
  • Tacheng ( subordinate to the Autonomous District Ili )
  • Turpan

Frets ( aimags )

The following list contains the three still existing frets in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:

  • Alxa
  • Hinggan
  • Xilin Gol