Premier Rides

Premier Rides Inc. is an American manufacturer of roller coasters from Baltimore, which was founded in 1994. The company used as the first in a roller coaster, the technique of linear induction motor ( LIM). Since 1996, Jim Seay is the sole owner of the company.


Premier Rides has been founded in 1994 by the German Peter beak. Schnabel was previously a long time for Intamin active. In 1996 Premier Rides built with Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion Kings Iceland and the first two roller coasters. When the roller coaster acceleration comes into existence for the first time by LIMs. This system was revolutionary and changed the entire industry. With the water coaster Vonkaputous in Finnish Linnanmaki the first Premier Rides attraction was opened in 2001 on European soil. In addition, the company is responsible for the highest with 49 meter vertical loop. This is located along the route of Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain.


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