Premium segment

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The word premium ( over the English from Latin praemium, "reward, prey," see premium ) applies in marketing and advertising.

Premium strategy

In marketing, this is called a premium strategy if the company deliberately focused in its marketing strategy on high-priced products or services. It aims has been associated typically a competitive strategy of quality leadership at. Premium is in this strategy for excellent high quality products and above-average prices.

Premium as part of the product

The word premium is often part of a product name of branded goods. Here, too, should make quality claims the word premium. Since the concept is brand and labeling law does not appear to be adequately protected and is thus used as the fundamental concept arbitrary, it offers the consumers tend to not a safe decision-making aid.

"Premium" products can be part of a strategy of product differentiation. Thus, premium editions of software, for example have advanced features or premium covers have additional services. But it is also possible to suggest to the consumer only has a high quality of the product by the term premium to justify a higher price. Sometimes the term is provided with additional attributes such as "premium verum " or "Premium regionalis ".

Individual industries

In the beer industry, the concept of premium beer for differentiation has enforced more expensive brand beers over regular beers consumption or cheap beers. Quality differences are not related to this label. Since the (usually established German ) breweries sensitive and differentiated with the use of the label "premium" deal, the qualification appears credible. Consumers call now even Pilsener beers as a "premium " if they are expensive and have a name.

In the automotive industry is referred to as the " Premium Class ", that is, a class of high-quality automobiles. In telecommunications, the term premium service is synonymous with value-added service. There are, for example, premium SMS.

Also, the term premium is used for the classification of customers. With partner exchanges exist significant price differences between a premium and a standard membership. This is partly done by improved customer service a real preference for high-volume customers.