Prentice Hall

Prentice Hall is an imprint of Pearson Education, Inc., based in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Pearson Education is part of Pearson PLC UK.

The originally independent publishing house was founded in 1913 by the law professor Charles Gerstenberg and his student Richard Ettinger. The name was made up of the names of the birth mothers of Gerstenberg and Ettinger. 1984 Prentice Hall was acquired by Simon & Schuster and auctioned in 1998 by its parent company Viacom to Pearson.

Prentice Hall was the first American publisher of academic and professional textbooks, but has also always been very idiosyncratic and interesting authors a platform. Thus, partially published their successful in the 1970s Seth books by Prentice Hall, for example, Jane Roberts.