50.0517174852897.8925609588623409Koordinaten: 50 ° 3 '6 " N, 7 ° 53' 33" E

Presberg is the northernmost and highest altitude 410 meters district of the town of Rüdesheim am Rhein in the Rheingau -Taunus-Kreis in Hesse.


Presberg located in the western Hintertaunus, south of the Wisper high above the valleys on a ridge at an altitude of about 360 to 420 m above sea level. NN in the Rhein-Taunus Nature Park. While the ridge is around Presberg clearing area, the wider environment is a pure forest area as part of the Wispertaunus. This forest area extends from the Rhine via the hinterland forest well into the High Taunus.


On 1 January 1977, until then independent municipality Presberg was incorporated into the town of Rüdesheim am Rhein.


The only access road, the road L 3272, leads westwards to the Rhine in the town of Lorch and east to Stephanshausen, the northernmost district of the city of Geisenheim. Before Stephanshausen the road L 3454 branches to Rudesheim. In the radius of 5 km only is the village Stephanshausen. In a distance of 10 km then Geisenheim, Rüdesheim and Lorch be reached.


  • Anton homelessness (* 1930, † 1986), a sculptor. Homelessness created religious sculptures and reliefs mainly of sandstone. His works include, inter alia, Two-frame floor with St. Urban and St. Nicholas in the Mittelheimer vineyard of St. Nicholas ( early 1960s ), the memorial stone for Anne Frank at the Jewish cemetery in Oestrich (1970), the figure of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux the mountain monastery chapel in Kiedrich (1981 ) as well as the bas-reliefs of the Cross of the Holy Cross Chapel in Lorch (1983).

Coat of arms

Shield split, front in gold, a black grille, rear in black and a golden palm fronds: On May 23, 1966, the municipality Presberg in the Rheingau district, administrative district of Wiesbaden was awarded a coat of arms with the following blazon.