Preview (computing)

A preview (often also English: Preview) denotes a preliminary evaluation of an unpublished product ( musical, film, computer game, book, etc.). The purpose is mostly due to the fact to give critics the opportunity to take a product off the market premiere in inspection, so their reviews can appear to premiere in the media time.


In elaborately produced commercial theater productions since the end of the 19th century a period of previews followed that of the tryouts before the official premiere was held. The tryouts were previews in another city and were a kind of final sample with the audience. This was followed by a series of previews of the final version in the theater the premiere. Technicians and actors in that time have become accustomed to the Premierenort. In musical productions on Broadway about this process has been about normal up until the 1970s - movies were launched in a similar way as Gone with the Wind ( 1939). The section was amended or modified during tryouts due to the reactions of the audience.

Other uses of the term

For computer software, there is sometimes a print preview (English: Print Preview). It shows how an expression would be created when you start the printing process.

In television shows today a preview of Video -on -Demand is also often available.

Previews, there are also sports betting area. This mainly Preview analyzes of special Preview- service providers for football matches to be created.