Přibyslav ( German Primislau ) is a city in Okres Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic. You more than twelve kilometers southeast of the county town Havlíčkův Brod.


Přibyslav lies on the right bank of the Sasau in the western part of the Bohemian- Moravian Highlands. Neighboring towns are Žižkovo poles in the north, Malá Losenice in the northeast, Velka Losenice in the east, Sázava, Buková and Olešenka the southeast, Česka Jablonná in the south, and Šlapanov Kněžská in the southwest and Bartoušov and Dlouhá Ves in the West.


Přibyslav was probably founded by Přibyslav, a brother of Jan Polná, in the first half of the 13th century. The castle of the same name served to protect the colonized by the Lords of Polná area. The resulting settlement was already below the castle in 1251, when she was in possession of the Smil Světlický of Lichtenburg, called a town. 1255-1272 were the castle and town in the possession of the Čeněk of Ronow, 1283-1317 was both Hynek Čeněks sons and Čeněk. Already in 1257 Přibyslav was mentioned as a center for the promotion of silver ores. 1381 Přibyslav received city rights. The population consisted of three quarters of Germans in 1400, their share decreased continuously below. During the Hussite Wars Přibyslav belonged to the Čeněk of Ronow, a follower of King Sigismund. This is probably why the city was conquered by Jan Zizka siege in October 1424 after two days, four days later, on October 11, in the camp south of the village Schönfeld ( Senfeld ) died of the plague. Although the castle Přibyslav 1431 should go to Duke Albrecht of Habsburg, she was held until 1434 by the Hussites. This year Přibyslav got to Hynek Ptáček of Pirkstein, which it incorporated his reign Polná, with the Přibyslav to 1862 shared ownership. This year Přibyslav passed to Countess Clothilde Clam -Gallas.

1767 a fire destroyed much of the city. Another disastrous fire occurred in 1847. Population undernourished next to the agriculture of the textile manufacturing as well as crafts and trade. In the 19th century an agricultural machinery factory and a large dairy plant were added.


  • The Přibyslav castle was built in 1560 east of the ruined Castle of Zacharias of Hradec in the Renaissance style. Under Charles Maximilian of Dietrichsteinplatz it was converted into a four-winged baroque complex and extended. After the fire of 1847 was Franz Joseph Ditrichstein the main facade renew in the style of classicism. Today it houses a fire museum, called the fire brigade exercise center that has been certified as one of the few Europe by the CTIF.
  • The Church of Sts. John the Baptist was built in 1753 in Baroque style.
  • The Gothic tower next to the church dates from 1498.


To Přibyslav consists of the villages

  • Česká Jablonná ( Bohemian Gablenzgasse )
  • Dobra ( Dobra )
  • Dolni Jablonná ( German Gablenzgasse )
  • Dvorek
  • Hesov
  • Hřiště ( Spieldorf )
  • Keřkov ( Gerskau )
  • Poříčí ( Porschitsch )
  • Ronov ( Ronow )
  • Uhry and
  • UTIN ( Uttendorf ).

Twin Cities

  • Mook en Middelaar, Holland
  • Sliač, Slovakia


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