Prievidza ( Priwitz German, Hungarian Privigye ) is a medium-sized town in Slovakia.

The city was first mentioned in writing in 1113 and is located in the Trenčín Region, the city is also called " the greenest city ".

Prievidza is the city with the largest retail space in proportion to the population in Slovakia.

Prievidza is a major administrative center, also have numerous commercial enterprises, mainly located in the banking sector. The city is also the headquarters of the mining company HBP ( Hornonitrianske Bane Prievidza ). The company is the most important lignite conveyor in Slovakia. It operates three mines in the vicinity of Prievidza: in Handlová, Cigeľ and Nováky. The delivery rate in 2005 amounted to 2.3 million tons, the number of employees to about 4,400. In addition, many cultural institutions and schools located in the city.


There are the following five districts:



  • Jan Pásztor born January 27, 1912 in Prievidza, † 8 November 1988 in Nitra, Bishop of Nitra ( 1973-1988 )
  • Cornel Wilde born October 13, 1915 in Prievidza, † October 8, 1989 in Los Angeles, Schaulspieler and Filmregsisseur
  • Štefan Uher born June 4, 1930 in Prievidza, † March 29, 1993 in Bratislava, Film Director
  • Lenka Lomnička born June 28, 1994 Prievidza, soccer player