Primera B Nacional

The Nacional B or Primera B Nacional is the second highest league in Argentine Football game mode. 20 clubs play División in this league for the promotion to the Primera.

History and Development

The league was founded División in 1986 as a " base " of the Primera to allow clubs to enter the professional football that do not directly belong to the AFA, this applies to almost all clubs outside the metropolitan Buenos Aires. Before the introduction of league whose teams were able to participate except in their own regional leagues only in the national cup competition Campeonato Nacional, as the rise in the Primera División then only from the third-tier Primera B from today was possible. The new league was pushed from the 1986/87 season between these two Divisions, continue it in the hierarchy above the established in 1995 Torneo Argentino A, members of the club teams from the interior.

By 2007, two championships were played per season: first round (Apertura) and second half (Clausura). Since the 2007/ 08 season, this system was abandoned in favor of a single championship. Because of an outbreak of violence in a promotion match was also temporarily banned from the 2007/ 08 season, that fans of the visiting team to attend the games, so the games were held only in front of home crowd. This rule, however, was abandoned in 2011, although individual games can continue to be locked for the fans of the visiting team when safety problems are expected.

Participants (season 2012 /13)

The following clubs play in the 2011/12 season in the Nacional B:

And losers in 2012

From the Nacional B

  • Up in the Primera División: CA River Plate ( champion), Quilmes AC ( runner-up )
  • Relegated to the Torneo Argentino A: CS Desamparados ( right ), CA Guillermo Brown ( about relegation match ).
  • Relegated to the Primera B Metropolitana: CA Atlanta ( directly) CA Chacarita Juniors (over relegation match )

In the Nacional B

  • Up from the Torneo Argentino A: CA Douglas Haig, CM Crucero del Norte
  • Up from the Primera B Metropolitana: CA Sarmiento, CA Nueva Chicago
  • From the Primera División: CA Banfield Olimpo de Bahía Blanca

Ascent and Descent

By 2007, the advancement system between first and second league was complicated - it was there because of the double championship three different tables into account, where there have been several games and climb a kind of play-offs.

Since the season 2007/ 08 with a uniform Championship first-and second -place rise to right, the third and the fourth playing the Auf-/Abstiegsrunde ( Série B ) against the third and fourth last of the relegation table of the first league. The descent Table of the Primera División is calculated from the points average of the last three years. Here, the third climber is determined in an encounter with return game between the 18th of descent table La Liga and the third- placed teams from the Nacional B, the fourth in a meeting of the 17th of the relegation table La Liga and the fourth placed the Nacional B.

The descent is also a separate descent table, in which the points average of the last three years will be considered. The two last of the relegation table rise directly - sorted by geographical origin in the Primera B Metropolitana ( teams from Buenos Aires ) or the Torneo Argentino A (Teams from the interior ) from. Two other teams - all placed on the next worst of Buenos Aires and from the interior - play a relegation round ( promoción ) with each second of the Torneo Argentino A and the Primera B Metropolitana.