Prince Leopold of Bavaria (b. 1943)

Prince Leopold of Bavaria ( * June 21, 1943 at Castle Umkirch ) is a former racing driver. He is the representative brand for BMW and has " Poldi " her own fashion label.


Leopold of Bavaria is the head of Albertinian line of the Wittelsbach family: He's great-great- great-grandson of King Ludwig I and descendant of his fourth son Adalbert Wilhelm of Bavaria. His parents are Constantine Prince of Bavaria and Maria Adelgunde of Hohenzollern. Leopold married in October 1977 Ursula Möhlenkamp from Velbert, with whom he has four children:

  • Manuel ( b. 1972 ) ∞ Anna Princess of Sayn -Wittgenstein- Berleburg ( b. 1978 )
  • Pilar ( b. 1978 )
  • Felipa (* 1981) ∞ Christian service
  • Constantine (* 1986)

His daughter Pilar got by incorrect anesthesia autistic traits. Since Leopold is committed to the Dolphin Aid Foundation and the Special Olympics. He lives in Berg ( Lake Starnberg ).

Leopold is related to the Swedish royal house. His mother's brother, Johann Georg von Hohenzollern, is married to Princess Birgitta, the sister of the King of Sweden. Since the age of twelve he was a friend of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden and is the godfather of his son.


Leopold came to Castle Umkirch to the world, the estate of his maternal family, the Hohenzollern. There he grew up to his age of 22. Since his parents were divorced and re- married, Leopold stayed with his grandparents and his only two months older uncle Ferfried of Hohenzollern -Sigmaringen. Leopold describes his grandfather Friedrich Viktor von Hohenzollern -Sigmaringen to be very strict and very Prussian.


First hillclimb denied Prince Leopold of Bavaria with its private Opel Kadett. At British Leyland, he got his first work contract.

In 1969 he moved to circuit racing and was an Alfa runner-up in the German Circuit Championship. His only title he won in 1972 at the North American Eismeisterschaft on a Porsche. It was followed by various touring car and sports car races. In his career he drove different vehicles such as the BMW M1 or the Porsche 956, which he reached in the 24- hour race at Le Mans in 1984 with Walter Brun and Bob Akin overall 4.

Since 1986 he has been exclusively on BMW vehicles.

Overall, " Prince Leopold " scored in his career as a racing driver over 120 victories.

He became famous not only as a driver, but also as a member of the legendary " Triple Trouble ". Together with his colleagues and friends Hans -Joachim Stuck and Dieter Quester, the trio is known for his " pranks " that it does, especially in the paddocks of other colleagues.

Today, Leopold 's international brand ambassador of BMW. It represents the brand, among others at major trade fairs, such as the IAA in Frankfurt am Main, and numerous other occasions.

Career Data

Le Mans results

Charitable functions

  • President of the Board of Trustees for the promotion of modern pentathlon in Bavaria
  • Special Envoy of the Special Olympics
  • Patron of dolphin aid
  • Member of the Lions Club Lake Starnberg -Ludwig II