Prince of Wales Island (Nunavut)

The Prince of Wales Island (or Prince of Wales Island, Engl. Iceland Prince of Wales ) is an island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago -. Administratively, it belongs to the territory of Nunavut. It was first explored in 1851 by William Kennedy and Joseph René Bellot - in the search for the missing John Franklin expedition to the Arctic.


The south of the Queen Elizabeth Islands located island lies between Victoria Island in the west and Somerset Island in the east. With an area of ​​33,339 km ², it is ranked among the 10 largest islands in Canada and number 40 among the biggest islands in the world, but has no permanent settlement on. Its surface is characterized by tundra.

  • Uninhabited Island
  • Island ( Nunavut )
  • Island (North America)
  • Island ( Arctic Ocean)