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The Princes Highway is a highway in southeastern Australia. It is part of the Australian National Highway 1 and runs from Sydney via Melbourne and Adelaide to Port Augusta. He follows in its course essentially the coastline of the country and thus provides a very indirect connection between these cities dar. Its total length is about 2,200 km. He is the only highway in Australia, which runs through three states.


Was named the Princes Highway in 1920 after the then Edward, Prince of Wales, and later British King and the Duke of Windsor, had visited Australia. These existing roads of the Princes Highway have been renamed and officially opened in its entire length on August 10, 1920.


New South Wales

The Princes Highway starts in Sydney in the district of St. Peters. He is primarily a four-lane arterial road in a southerly direction, which is almost always clogged due to heavy traffic in the city by residents and industry through jams. In the outer suburban areas of the city, the highway is expanded into a six-lane road.

South of Sydney Princes Highway runs past the Royal National Park towards Wollongong. In this section of the Southern Freeway has been reopened as a faster alternative route in the meantime. South of Wollongong, the Princes Highway winds along the coast of New South Wales, past Nowra, Batemans Bay and Bega, before he goes south of Eden over the border into Victoria.


In the East, Victoria's Princes Highway runs initially in a westerly direction through rural areas, until it reaches the foothills of the Gippsland region. This he crossed on a northerly trending route inland, while the South Gippsland Highway crosses the region on a more southerly route along the coast. Despite this removal from the coast of the Princes Highway retains the number 1, while the South Gippsland Highway is performed with number 180 in the National Highway System Australia.

After the Princes Highway Traralgon, Moe and Warragul has happened, he meets at Dandenong on the suburbs of Melbourne. Within Melbourne's Princes Highway passes through several neighborhoods including the city center, where the road several times changed the name before he leaves Melbourne in a westerly direction. While this section through the center of Melbourne, the highway no longer Highway number is 1 This runs south of the city center as Monash Freeway.

West of Melbourne runs the Princes Highway, which then again is Highway number 1, first towards Geelong. Around the city is currently undergoing a large-scale bypass under construction, which is to relieve the city and carry long-distance traffic past the city. Further west, take the Princes Highway once a route inland via Winchelsea, Colac and Camperdown before it rejoins the coast at Warrnambool. This route is a faster alternative to the very popular with tourists Great Ocean Road. In its further course of the Princes Highway passes and Port Fairy, Portland and Heywood, before he leads the border into South Australia just before Mount Gambier.

South Australia

In South Australia, the Princes Highway runs through the town of Mount Gambier, before turning north towards Adelaide. It runs past Kingston SE, the Coorong National Park, Murray Bridge, crosses the Murray River and eventually reaches the eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

The Princes Highway crosses Adelaide and then runs in a northerly direction, passing Port Pirie to Port Augusta at the north end of Spencer Gulf. In Port Augusta Princes Highway ends and the road splits in the Eyre Highway, which runs westwards to Perth and the Stuart Highway, which leads to the north to Darwin.

Street numbering

  • From downtown Sydney to Waterfall
  • From Waterfall to Wollongong West
  • West Wollongong to the border of New South Wales - Victoria
  • From the border of New South Wales - Victoria to Traralgon
  • From Traralgon to Pakenham
  • Of Pakenham to Berwick
  • Berwick to Melbourne City Centre
  • From the center of Melbourne to Corio ( Geelong )
  • Corio ( Geelong ) to Waurn Ponds ( Geelong )
  • Of Waurn Ponds ( Geelong ) to the border Victoria - South Australia
  • From the border of Victoria - South Australia to Tailem Bend
  • From Tailem Bend to Murray Bridge East
  • B55 of Murray Bridge East to White Hill ( Murray Bridge )
  • Whitehill ( Murray Bridge ) to Glen Osmond (Adelaide )
  • Glen Osmond (Adelaide ) to Gepps Cross (Adelaide )
  • Of Gepps Cross (Adelaide ) to Port Augusta


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  • Road in New South Wales
  • Street in Victoria