Princess Anne Charlotte of Lorraine

Anna Charlotte, Princess of Lorraine ( born March 17, 1714November 7, 1773 in Mons ) was abbess of Remiremont and Sainte- Waudru in Mons and Koadjutrix in Essen Abbey and in the kingdom pin Thorn ( Limburg).


Anna Charlotte was the daughter of Élisabeth Charlotte de Bourbon- Orléans and Leopold of Lorraine. She was one of the four children who reached adulthood. Unlike her older sister three years she remained unmarried.

1723 wanted her father to King Louis XV. marry, who was still on bridal search. However, as a future Queen of France was also the Polish princess Maria Leszczyńska for election. The French princess Henriette Louise de Bourbon ruled in favor of the Polish woman as a bride for the king. The parents of Anna Charlotte were very upset because they thought that a French woman should be queen. 1726 came the young Louis I de Bourbon, duc d' Orléans question as groom, the wedding plans were abandoned for unknown reasons.

On May 10, 1738 Anna Charlotte abbess of the Abbey Remiremont. This title was awarded to only women particularly high nobility, this is said to have met with great pride.

After her mother 's death in 1744 she went to her brother Francis Stephen of Lorraine to Vienna, which was from 1745 until his death in 1765 Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. In Vienna, Anna Charlotte lived in an apartment at Schönbrunn Palace.

On November 7, she died at the age of 59 years in Mons in Belgium today.


Pictures of Princess Anne Charlotte of Lorraine