Principal dancer

Prima ballerina is the title of the first (Italian prima ) soloist, the leading dancer (Italian ballerina ) a performance or a ballet company. As a rule, a prima ballerina must have the ability to classical roles.

The male counterpart is the master dancer or Primoballerino. At the Paris Opera is the term Première danseuse étoile and Premier danseur étoile ( male) - short étoile - common. As you increase resulted in the Tsarist empire end of the 19th century, the concept of Prima Ballerina Assoluta, which should be assigned to each of greatest dancer of her time.


" Prima Ballerina" was the title of the song that was sung by Siw Malmkvist 1969 for Germany as part of the Euro Vision Song Contest. With 8 points, it reached number 13 (of 16). Music and lyrics come from Hans Blum