Prinias (Greek Ῥιζηνία ) was an ancient city in Crete, about halfway between Knossos and Gortyn, near the modern village Prinias about 35 km southwest of Iraklion.

Rhizenias heyday was in archaic times, when it was an independent city-state. From the fifth century, the city of Gortyn became addicted and lost greatly in importance.

Excavations were here especially from 1906 to 1908 under Italian management instead. Noteworthy was the discovery of some archaic temple, which could be dated to the 7th century BC. A temple may have been dedicated to Rhea. There were relief friezes depicting of riders, deer, panthers and two figures seated deities. The works are now in the museum of Heraklion. In the 3rd century a fortress was built in the city in which many archaic grave stones were used as spoils. There were cemeteries with tholos tombs.