Pripsleben is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District. The municipality is located north of Neubrandenburg. Until 1 January 2004, the municipality was part of the Office Kastorfer lake and has since been part of the Office Treptower Tollensewinkel based in Old Treptow.

Geography and transport

Pripsleben is located approximately four kilometers northwest of the Old Treptow. The B96 runs to the east of the church. The municipality can be reached from the A20 via the Old Treptow connection.


  • Pripsleben
  • Barkow
  • Neuwalde
  • Miltitzwalde


Pripsleben was first mentioned as " Prebeslave " in 1245 in a deed. The place is probably named after the locator Pribislaw. A designation by name of the Mecklenburg princes Pribislaw is unlikely. Later the place also Pribislaw, Pribislav or Pribeslave was called. In Pripsleben is also a hill that points to a former Slavic castle.


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  • Church Pripsleben; Gothic nave stone church, probably dating from the 15th century. The truss tower dates of 1907.
  • Church Barkow, with neo-Gothic forms and vorgestelltem South Tower