Privately held company

A holding company is a company whose business consists mainly or exclusively in investments to acquire belonging to others, independent and different industries companies, hold and sell. The way such a society is organized can be very different, however, it differs from a holding company. In contrast to Holdings, the parent company as a uniform Group headed form and its subsidiaries consolidated in its consolidated financial statements, with subsidiaries is only the equity investment as a shareholder in the foreground. Usually this is not a majority, but a for-profit minority stake in selected companies is intended. Similar to the portfolio companies are investment companies and real estate companies.

The law on holding companies ( UBGG ) regulates the activities and supervision of officially recognized holding companies. The term " Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft society " may in the company, will be performed as an adjunct to the company, the name of the business purpose or for promotional purposes only by approved holding companies.