Pro Helvetia

Is a Swiss Cultural Foundation with headquarters in Zurich Pro Helvetia. Pro Helvetia is the cultural representation of Switzerland abroad, in charge of the cultural dialogue between the various parts of the country and for the promotion of the arts in the national context.

History and legal basis

Founded in 1939, Pro Helvetia as an organization for the promotion of spiritual defense. In 1949 it was transformed into a foundation under public law. The Pro Helvetia Act of December 17, 1965 issued by the Foundation following revised job:

  • To preserve and maintain the cultural identity of the country.
  • Promotion of creativity, having regard to the circumstances in the cantons as in the linguistic regions and cultures.
  • Promoting cultural exchanges between the linguistic regions and cultures in Switzerland.
  • Foster cultural relations with foreign countries.

Since 1981, the Confederation financed the. Due to credit decisions, each of which extends over four years and where an Act of Foundation program underlies About contributions to projects and requests that decide the special interest groups of the Council and the leaders and heads of departments.


The Foundation's activity can be roughly divided into two areas: on the support of projects on request, and in self-initiated by the Foundation projects. The Wanted take a by far the largest space; around 70 % of the operational resources are allocated to the projects in the cultural sector. 15 % of the funds available to foreign missions ( liaison office ) in France, Italy, Poland, Egypt, South Africa and India. 10% flows into programs, 5% in the culture information.

The Foundation today presented the weight on the following points:

  • Promotion of contemporary art ( in the fields of music, literature, theater and dance).
  • Cultural Exchange ( Swiss culture of all genres abroad and between the different cultures of Switzerland convey )
  • Information about Swiss culture.

The promotion of Swiss filmmaking has handed over to the Foundation Pro Helvetia Swiss Films.