Professional Golfers Association

Professional Golfers Association ( PGA) is traditionally part of the name of an association of professional golfers, with a regional addition clarifies the responsibility of each organization. For example, there are the PGA of America in the United States or the PGA of Germany in Germany. The term PGA can so far be used as a generic term for an association of professional golfers in general.

The competent authority for the UK and Ireland PGA claims for itself the right to claim simply act only as The PGA ( legal name: The Professional Golfers' Association Limited ) and justified this by saying that it is the oldest PGA.

In the past, the PGAs care of the needs of all professional golfers in their territories, and notably in the tournament player ( "Playing Professionals "). Due to the large amounts of money that are moved in professional tournaments, but some PGAs established special organizations for tournament players who introduce the term tour in the name. The two largest are the PGA Tour and the PGA European Tour.

The supervised by a PGA professional golfers mainly include golf teacher ( "Teaching Professionals "). Some PGAs have their claim to representation but also enhanced so that golf architects, green keepers, journalists, tournament organizers, operators of golf courses and golf shops, as well as managers of any kind including in the Gulf area.