Professional Griefers

August 14, 2012

Professional Griefers is a song by Canadian music producer Deadmau5 in collaboration with Gerard Way, the lead singer and founder of the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance. It was first published on 24 August 2012. It is the third single from Deadmau5 ' sixth studio album Album Title Goes Here and on the soundtrack of FIFA 13 included. Professional Griefers appeared on February 13, 2011 Deadmau5 ' Ustream channel preview, the track was played live for the first time during the Meowingtons Hax tour.

Music Video

The official music video for the song was first released on August 29, 2012 on the official YouTube channel from Ultra Records.

In the music video you can see the beginning of some people sitting in a caravan, turned on the TV. In this battle between Deadmau5 ( deadmau5 ) and Gerard Way ( g3rard ) can be seen. After the fight has been announced by the announcer begin Way and Zimmerman, to put on a control panel and control two giant robots with mau5head. So they are fighting for some time. After some time, however Way wins and Deadmau5 goes after him. You will be directed back to their seats by the referee. Suddenly appears a robot version of Deadmau5 ' cat Professor Meowingtons and biting a cable through, so its Way robot can no longer control. This is then defeated by Deadmau5 without resistance. While he is declared the winner and celebrates, but the robot cat jumps in his robot and bring it to fall over. After that you can only see the cat in the ruins walking around.

The rotated by Jeff Ranasinghe and Paul Boyd is currently the most expensive music video to an electronic song of all time. For the rotation over 2000 fans were engaged.



The single was moderately successful, it only reached number 76 on the charts in Belgium ( Flanders), number 26 of the Canadian rock / alternative charts and number 36 of the U.S. Alternative Songs. In Flanders we also stayed for two weeks in the charts.


The song was consistently positive criticism. Said Joe Robinson of that even the instrumental version is very suitable with their bass grooves for dancing, but Ways vocals to the song give what little mainstream that was needed. He forgave seven out of ten stars.

Caitlyn Dewar explained by Bring the Noise that Deadmau5 with a mix of creative lyrics, a talented Gerard Way and his own style is definitely more " hip " and stay on top of the world when it comes to the dance direction, and that fans of My Chemical Romance, Skrillex or Daft Punk would like. They awarded nine out of ten stars.

An author of MusicHub awarded ten stars, and thus a perfect score. Professional Griefers have increased the hype for his new album as one of the great singles again. The song would " in no time " to hit.