Prokuplje ( Serbian Cyrillic Прокупље; German outdated Saint Procopius ) is a town in Serbia. It is the capital of the homonymous municipality and administrative headquarters of the district Toplica in the south of the country.

The town has 27,163 inhabitants Prokuplje ( 2011). It lies between the mountain ranges Jastrebac and Pasjaca the river Toplica. Prokuplje is railway station on the railway line Nis - Pristina.

On the mountain Hisar ( 358 m. J. i ) is a medieval fortress with a striking tower, which is named after Jug Bogdan, a nobleman, who had played an important role in the Battle of Kosovo Polje.

Prokuplje is named after Saint Procopius, whose remains were transferred in 1386 from Niš in the St. Procopius Church in the city.

At larger industrial firms in the city are: Prokupac (alcoholic beverages), Hissar (food ), FOM ( a factory for metalworking), Toplicanka (textile factory) and LEONI ( a factory wiring harnesses for automobiles manufactures ).


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Katarina Bradić, opera singer (mezzo- soprano)