Proletarian Democracy

Democrats Proletaria (DP, " Proletarian Democracy ") was a left-wing party in Italy, created in 1977 from the merger of various groups of the revolutionary New Left ( and Others Avanguardia Operaia and Lotta Continua ). The DP saw itself as a party with communist objectives, based on a non-dogmatic Marxism and the Maoists, Trotskyists, feminists, environmental and Christian Socialists served as a reservoir. She put on especially intellectuals and alternative movements, and presented itself in the former Italian political spectrum as a left alternative to the great communist PCI by demarcated from both the reformist tendency as well as the positive impact on the " real socialism " of the Soviet Union relating tradition flows. The number of members reached in the 1980s, about 15 000, in elections the DP continuously reductions achieved by 1.5 percent. The DP was close to the theory magazine Marx centouno.

Mid-1980s, it came in the DP to divergences between the Marxist- socialist wing and a more green and ecologically -oriented tendency, whose members later joined by the Italian countryside. 1991 DP participated together with the left opposition currents of just resolved PCI in the discussions of the Movimento per la Refoundation (Movement for the Communist start-up). End of 1991, most of the DP closed to the products arising mainly from the left PCI - currents foundation Partito della Rifondazione Comunista (PRC). Independently exists under the name DP today only a very small residual group. Among the influential in the PRC former DP members include Paolo Ferrero ( responsible for economics member of the Secretariat of the PRC), Luigi Vinci (until 2004 Member of the European Parliament ) and the philosopher Domenico and Giovanni Russo Jervolino Spena.

A small minority of flow of the former DP split in 1997 by the PRC and founded the Movimento per la confederazione dei Comunisti, which represents an explicit anti-Americanism and support for national liberation struggles and stands in sharp contrast to the PRC.