Prong (band)

Prong are one since the mid- 1980s existing American heavy metal band that is now counted from bands like KoRn, Demon Hunter, or even Nine Inch Nails to their main influences.

The members constellation was constantly over the years in the river, the only constant is Tommy Victor, who is regarded as musical leader, figurehead and mouthpiece of the band.


Prong - the corporate name at the beginning still under R - Ruin - originated in the New York underground scene in 1986. The three-man combo began in the cast Tommy Victor (vocals and guitar), Mike Kirkland (bass) and Ted Parsons (drums, ex- Swans ) with ordinary hardcore and integrated in the following influences from thrash and Industrial Metal, provided with electronic samples. At that time they also spoke of hardcore thrash crossover. Later this combination was referred to as part of groove metal.

The very first concerts and recordings were local music fans from the hardcore, punk and noise bearings attention. This was followed by acclaimed performances, among others at CBGB, an invitation to the Peel Sessions and positive reviews in NME, Sounds and Kerrang!, so that Prong could make the recordings for their full album Force Fed in the first year of its existence.

After a European tour Prong played back directly in the U.S. in the larger Club Ritz to open for the Cro -Mags and Destruction. The concert was so successful that the music label Epic Records took notice of the band and this a few months later took them under contract. This led, among other things means that Prong were now even larger budgets for studio stays.

No later than the next Beg to Differ albums of 1990 and a year later sold the Prove You Wrong brought the band a reputation of being ahead of their time; themselves members of Metallica in Prong saw the " future of metal ".

By deliberately more accessible held and produced by Terry Date Cleansing (1994 ) Prong reached a larger audience, the song thereon Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck, which received massive airplay on MTV's Headbangers Ball, is now regarded as a classic.

In 1996, the successor Rude Awakening musical in similar footsteps. Despite re benevolent reviews have the expected commercial success failed, not least because the record label Epic Records released the band from the contract shortly after the release. A year later, Prong were unofficially disbanded, the disillusioned Tommy Victor thought at all to an end throughout his musical career.

After the millennium, Tommy Victor, however, brought back together musicians and went on a six-week U.S. tour, which was for the live comeback album 100% Live (2002) recorded in part.

Followed in 2003 with Scorpio Rising album with new songs, recorded two minds among music critics and could produce only relatively small sales.

Tommy Victor has been busy until 2006 mainly with other projects (such as the guitar player in Ministry ), as he had earlier worked as a session guitarist for Danzig, Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie.

2007, Prong reported back with the much harder, oriented to the hardcore roots of the band album Power of the Damager. After a series of concerts in the U.S., the band was in early 2008 also on tour in Europe.

Was published in 2009 with Power of the Damn Mixxxer a remix album, on which the twelve pieces of the last plate (one of them twice ) were remixed by famous DJ with electronic elements. This is not the first time in the band's history: Back in 1992 we published with the 6- track EP Whose Fist Is This Anyway? a similar remix CD of a year ago appeared Prove You Wrong - album. In May and June 2009, the band has recently been on tour in Europe.

2012 published Prong with Carved Stone into a new studio album, which was produced by Steve Evetts.


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