Vice-Rector is at colleges and universities with the title of Rector's constitution or the Deputy Rector with its own division within the Rectorate. With several Prorektoren the order of representation shall be established within the Rectorate. Universities with presidential constitution instead of using the name Pro-Rector Vice- President, in Bremen, the term vice-principal is used in Austria Vice Rector, Vice Rector, both in Switzerland and Vice Rector and Vice- President are common.

As the rector are regularly elected by the university committees from among the university teachers and the vice-rectors. On rare occasions, that even from the ranks of employees, a few from the ranks of students a vice-rector is elected. Most of the pro-rectors have specific areas of responsibility, frequently found are the names Vice-Rector for Teaching and Vice President for Research.

In the German monarchies of the vice-rector at the head of the University and ran the business. The Rector's dignity was the Reigning Prince.

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