Prostrate shrub

Dwarf shrub ( Latin: Suffrutex ) is the popular term for various woody perennial plants. He is (up to 100cm) mainly used for very low-growing shrubs, half- shrubs and bushes. Dwarf shrubs are characteristic of Phrygana and garrigue, which are sometimes also subsumed under the term dwarf shrub vegetation.

Botanical classification

After the botanical classifications are quite different plants to the " dwarf shrubs ." Common to them is generally the habit with woody sprouts, related species in " normal " size, as well as at home in extreme habitats such as tundra ( dwarf shrub tundra ), high mountains ( dwarf shrubs ), and desert ( dwarf shrub semi-desert ). Among the dwarf shrubs chamaephytes, hemicryptophytes and certainly some Nanophanerophyten are counted according to the Raunkiaer classification. Dwarf shrubs are often characteristic of the habitat types in which they grow.


Dwarf shrubs are often planted in the garden design in the front garden, cottage garden, and rock garden and can also act as a ground cover. In the vegetable trade, the term is used in a broader sense and often misleading.


Characteristic species are: heather family, crowberry, dwarf birch, herb - willow, Zwergmispeln, lavender, Thorny Broom ( Genista acanthoclada ) Hairy gorse ( Calicotome villosa ), Quirlblättrige heath (Erica manipuliflora ), Dornbusch spurge (Euphorbia acanthothamnos )


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