Proton Persona

Proton Persona

The Proton Persona is a compact car that is built by the Malaysian car manufacturer Proton since 2007. It was designed in proton from the Designer Azlan Othman and replaced the saloon variant of the successful Wira, Persona was already in some export markets.

The car is available as a four-door notchback and is based on the same platform as the models GEN • 2 and Satria Neo. There is also a special edition Proton Persona SE. All Persona models are currently being manufactured at the Tanjung Malim in Perak.

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The Proton Persona is essentially a sedan version of the hatchback GEN • 2, which was introduced in 2004. The name name was taken from the export models of the previous model Wira for the European and Australian markets. It is therefore aimed at the customers of the Gn -2, the GEN- 2, however, remains in production.

The biggest difference between the two models is the larger trunk of the persona, as the Malaysians prefer sedan vehicles in the domestic market. Has the higher roofline compared to the GEN -2 in the interior of a larger headroom for the rear seat bench result.


The Persona has a glove compartment in contrast to the GEN -2. The eye-catching analogue clock gene -2 was replaced with a digital copy, which is now integrated into the instrument holder. In addition, the door panels were revised so that more ergonomic switches for the power windows and better door handles could be installed, and the pseudo - sport seats have been replaced by conventional, but more comfortable seats. The build quality has been significantly improved and the revised suspension settings, which now promise a higher level of comfort.

In the revised version of the GEN -2, which was unveiled on 3 March 2008, is also the interior of the Persona use.


The 1.6 - liter four- cylinder engine from the Campro series is the same 112 -horsepower (82 kW ) unit, which is also used in other Proton models but with a revised oil pan, which is more robust. A corrected control of the automatic avoids the all too frequent switching and laminated some well-known weakness of the Campro engine torque in the lower and medium speed ranges. Since early 2008 the Persona will be equipped with new Campro engines with variable intake, resulting in improvements to the lack of torque.


  • 2008: A Campro engine with variable intake tract ( IAFM ) is introduced in all Ausstattungsvariangen. Proton emblems are now finished in black and silver instead of blue and gold, as before. On August 26, the Persona SE has been introduced. It was created according to the wishes of Persona customers. The Persona SE has a body package, different alloy wheels are available, matt silver door handles and just such a grille, leather interior and a GPS navigation system on the windshield, which includes SD cards. He is in the special colors Blue Haze (Blue) and Brilliant Red (Red) available.
  • 2009: No changes except the inscription on the plate frame " 2008 Best Model of the Year by Frost & Sullivan " instead of the previous "Our Pride and Joy "
  • 2010: The Persona will receive on March 18, a facelift and a new name Proton Persona Elegance. It has new headlights, a modified grille, front and rear bumpers, improved body and LED tail lights. The engine output remains the same, but a completely new 32 -bit engine management system from VDO is used ..

Received by the market

Since the pricing was very attractive ( with RM 44 999, - up to RM 55,800, - about RM 10,000 - cheaper than the Gen-2 ) demand exceeded the supply capacity. Even before the presentation of the vehicle received over 2,000 orders. Within two weeks after the performance, the number rose to 11,000. Again, two weeks later, there were already 19,000 orders. Originally to be built from the Persona of the start of production to 4000 units per month, but Proton has decided to extend the production only gradually to the estimated 4,000 cars a month, it to meet the unexpected demand.

As a result of the launch of the Persona sales of the Waja and Gen-2 fell significantly, so many Proton dealer heavy discounts of up to RM 9000 - offered to sell off its remaining copies of Waja and Gen -2 can. By installing the new Campro CPS engine in the Waja and Gen -2, this trend was stopped, and the two models now also occupy a slightly more luxurious market segment than the persona.

Export market

On 10 March 2008 the British proton branch announced that the Proton Persona under the name Proton GEN 2 Persona • would be offered in the UK market now, has been while, the car still offered in other countries, such as Singapore and Australia as Persona. Except in the UK, the Persona is still called in Indonesia Gen-2 Persona. Even in Saudi Arabia (22 November 2008) and in Egypt ( 24 November 2008) of the persona was introduced in Egypt together with the gene -2.

Although the persona was officially offered in the UK in 2008, only four copies were sold and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders ordered this model thus among the least sold in Britain.


At the Asian Auto- Bosch Fuel Efficiency Awards 2008 Proton Persona won first place in the category of family sedan with a fuel consumption of just 6.6 l/100 km. Also the Persona 2008 by Frost & Sullivan has been named the best car of the year.

Successor to the Proton Persona

On 8 November 2009, the Italian company Italdesign was commissioned to develop a new sedan in the C segment, which is designed to meet European and U.S. standards and aims to build on the platform of the Exora.