Province of Arezzo

The Arezzo ( Italien. Provincia di Arezzo) province is a province of Tuscany. Capital city is Arezzo. It has 344 437 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in 37 municipalities covering an area of 3,235 km ².

The province is bordered on the north by Emilia -Romagna ( Forlì - Cesena), on the northeast by the brands (Province of Pesaro and Urbino), to the east by Umbria ( Perugia Province ), in the southwest of the province of Siena and to the northwest by the province of Florence. The Arno river crosses the province.

From the history

The province contributes the military honor Gold Medal ( Medaglia d' oro al valor militare ) for the applications running in their partisan activities during the Second World War.

Largest communities

(As at 30 June 2005)