Province of Limburg (1815–39)

The Province of Limburg was an administrative unit in the Kingdom of the United Netherlands, which was from 1815 to 1839. She walked out of the existing territorially during the so-called French period 1795-1814 Département de la Meuse - Inférieure (department of the lower Meuse ).

The naming should remember the old Duchy of Limburg, and so help to get the names of the seventeen provinces of the Netherlands from Burgundian - Habsburg period.

In 1839, the province was divided during the Belgian revolution in

  • The Belgian province of Limburg and the
  • Duchy of Limburg (1839-1866), from 1866, the Dutch province of Limburg emerged.
  • Historical territory (Belgium )
  • Historical Territory (Netherlands)
  • Limburg