Province of Soria

The province of Soria is a Spanish province in the east of Castile -Leon autonomous region. In the province of Soria 93 291 inhabitants (2013 ) live on 10,287 km ². Capital is the city of Soria, near which are the ruins of the ancient city of Numancia are.


The province is located in the northern part of central Spain and is bordered to the north by the region of La Rioja, to the east by the province of Zaragoza, in the south of the province of Guadalajara, on the southwest by the province of Segovia and to the northwest by the province of Burgos.

Soria is a mountainous province in the Iberian mountain range. Here arises the Duero River, whose headwaters runs through the province.


The province of Soria has the lowest population of all 50 provinces of Spain and with 9.1 inhabitants per square kilometer, the lowest population density. Approximately 40 % of residents living in the city of Soria. The province has 183 municipalities, of which about half have less than 100 inhabitants and only 12 more than 1000 inhabitants.

Biggest Towns and Population Development

(As of 2013)


The eight Comarcas include all 183 municipalities in the province of Soria:


Soria has little industry and lives mainly from agriculture (especially sheep farming ) and forestry.