Province of Valencia

Valencia ( valencian. València, Valencia Spanish ) is a Spanish province with its capital in Valencia. She is one of three provinces of the Valencia region. Covering an area of ​​10,763 km ², it has 2,566,474 inhabitants ( 2013).

Valencia is located in the east of the Iberian Peninsula and on the east by the Mediterranean Sea, north of the provinces of Castellón and Teruel, bounded on the west of Cuenca and Albacete and the south of Alicante.

For the province also includes the lying in their north-west by the river Turia exclave Rincón de Ademuz whose neighbors are the provinces of Teruel and Cuenca.

The province has 16 seats in the Cortes Generales ( House of Representatives) and 36 in the regional parliament Cortes Valencianas.


  • The rock paintings in the Spanish Levant can be seen in the cultural park of Villar del Humo ( in the neighboring province of Cuenca).

Population Development

Largest communities

(As of 1 January 2013)

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Subdivision in Comarcas

  • El Camp de Turia
  • El Camp de Morvedre
  • La Canal de Navarrés
  • La Costera
  • La Foia de Buñol / La Hoya de Buñol
  • L' Horta
  • L' Horta Nort
  • L' Horta Oest
  • La Plana de Requena Utiel-
  • El Raco d' Ademús / El Rincón de Ademuz
  • La Ribera Alta
  • La Ribera Baixa
  • La Safor
  • Els Serrans
  • La Vall d' Albaida
  • La Vall de Cofrents - Aiora / El Valle de Ayora - Cofrentes