Provinces of Greece

The Province (Greek επαρχία, Eparchía ) was largely centralized authored Greece until the Greek government reform of 1997 ("Program Ioannis Kapodistrias " or Greek Σχέδιο Καποδίστρια, Schedio Capodistrian ) the local authority under the level of prefectures ( Nomi). Some communities were not part of a province, but in addition to the provinces directly subordinate to the prefecture. In the prefecture of Attica there was a large province, which included the capital Athens and its suburbs and extended beyond the borders of Attica prefecture districts. As part of the creation of numerous geographically large communities made ​​up of villages, the provinces lost their significance and were abolished in 1999. At the provincial level, there were 147 areas in detail:

¹ The municipalities Ydra and Samothrace were province - independent communities ² prefectures without further division into provinces ³ The Mount Athos enjoying internal autonomy under the sovereignty of the Greek State


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