Provincial police

The Polizia Provinciale (German Provincial Police ) is a police organization of the relevant Italian provincial administrations ( self-government ) is maintained. These small police forces emerged in the early 1990s, as one ( Guardie Venatorie ) brought the so-called game wardens of the provinces in a more contemporary organizational framework. In general, the provincial police have about 10 to 30 employees. Their main job is to enforce the hunting and inland fishing regulations of the provincial government and the appropriate regional and national laws. In addition, they also tasks in the field of environmental protection have been transferred in the past few years, variously. As the executive organ of the provincial governments, they can be used to enforce the decisions of the provinces.

The vehicles of the Polizia Provinciale are usually white with a green stripe, which they see the (old) German police cars are very similar. Although the police have their specific area of ​​responsibility, they are obliged to pursue any criminal offense, that they encounter in their work. The provincial police forces involved in the Italian civil protection system.


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