Prumnopitys andina

Plum Steineibe ( Prumnopitys andina )

The Plum Steineibe ( Prumnopitys andina, syn. Podocarpus andinus, Prumnopitys elegans ) is a species in the genus Prumnopitys from the family of Podocarpus plants ( Podocarpaceae ).


The Plum Steineibe is native to southern Chile; their locations extending in a north-south direction from the Maule Region to the Región de la Araucanía. It is to be found there in the amount Langen 200-1380 m.

In the British Isles it is fairly often seen in gardens and parks.


It is an evergreen tree. The treetop Plum Steineibe is usually much more stocky and to about 15 feet high; each tribe forms a conical tip. The bark is smooth and in young trees black, aged contrast gray to copper in color and wrinkled. At the branches, the bark in the first two years is green. The buds are ovoid, green and very small. The leaves are dark green on young trees, stiff and dornspitzig and about 2 cm long. On old trees the leaves, however, are more bluish green and up to 5 cm long.

It is dioecious getrenntgeschlechtig ( dioecious ). The male flowers are terminal and axillary; at 3 to 4 cm large blue-gray heads are 7-8 just under 2 mm small yellow flowers. The female flowers are also terminal and axillary; stand upright in groups of 2-6 on a 3 cm long stem and are cone-shaped and blue-green. The one aril surrounding seeds hang in a bundle to the second to sixth to light yellow green stems; they are 15 to 20 mm long and green with white raised dots.


Among others, since the generic assignment of the species has been amended several times, there are several synonyms for the Article Here is a selection in chronological order:

  • Podocarpus spicatus Poepp. in non Poeppig 1845 R. Br 1838.
  • Podocarpus andinus Poepp. ex Endl. 1847
  • Prumnopitys elegans Phil 1860
  • Podocarpus valdivianus J. Nelson 1866
  • Stachycarpus andinus ( Poepp. ex Endl. ) Tiegh. 1891
  • Nageia Valdiviana (J. Nelson) Kuntze 1891
  • Prumnopitys spicata ( Poepp. ) Molloy et Muñoz - Schick 1999

Here is the taxon Podocarpus andinus Poepp. ex Endl. the basionym for todays valid botanical description under the taxon Prumnopitys andina, David John de Laubenfels published in 1978.


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