Prusias II of Bithynia

Prusias II Kynegos (Greek Προυσίας B ὁ Κυνηγός " the hunter "; † 149 BC) was a king of Bithynia. He succeeded his father Prusias I to the throne.

Prusias teamed up with Eumenes II of Pergamon in a war against Pharnakes I of Pontus in the years 181-179 BC together. He fell 156-154 BC in the territory of Pergamum one, only to be defeated and to pay high reparations. He sent his son Nicomedes II to Rome to ask for help in reducing the reparations, but Nicomedes revolted against his father and became the new king.


  • Ancient Coinage of Bithynia, Kings, Prusias II
  • King ( Bithynia )
  • Born in the 3rd century BC
  • Died 149 BC
  • Man