Psalm 4

The 4th Psalm is a Psalm of David, and belongs to the series of psalms of lament.


Due to its trust statements of the Psalm is often regarded as a trust Psalm. Martin Luther referred to him as thanks psalm. Such trust statements but also in Lamentations usual, so it is often no distinction between trust Psalm and lament. The psalm is not attributable to the songs of thanksgiving, even if the happened rescue suggests this because no actual Thanksgiving is present.


Erhard S. Gerstenberger divided the psalm as follows:

  • Verse 1: Headline
  • Verse 2: Invocation and Opening Please
  • Verse 3-6: challenge your opponent
  • Verse 7: Action
  • Verse 8f. Confidence confirmation, Please


Most of the contrast between the confidence of the Psalmist and the despair of others is compared.

With respect to the victims of the Psalm is nowadays considered as " nachkultisch ", ie the victim is not related to a sacrificial worship in the temple. The unusual term " justice victims " ( זבחי - צדק ) is therefore interpreted either from the context of case-law or on alms towards.