Psusennes II.

Psusennes II was the seventh and last Egyptian King (Pharaoh) of the 21st Dynasty ( Third Intermediate Period ). He ruled around 960-946 BC

Origin and family

The origin of Psusennes II is not secured and its historical classification difficult. Aidan Dodson, according to this king is a " ghostly figure ". He is probably the High Priest of Amun at Karnak, Psusennes ( " III. " ) Identical. He was a son of the high priest Pinudjem II and the Isetemachbit what is doubted by Jürgen von Beckerath. Psusennes II is indeed traditionally been classified as the seventh ruler between the kings and Siamun Sheshonk I, but this is not definite evidence. Psusennes II may be a local ruler ( at Abydos ) during the co- rule Sheshonk I. However, this would have its associated reign be deleted, resulting in a gap in the chronology of the Third Intermediate Period.

His daughter was married to Tanetsepeh Schedsunefertem, the High Priest of Ptah at Memphis, and his second daughter, Maatkare ( II ), with Osorkon I.. Thus he was the grandfather of Sheshonk II

Construction activities

On its own construction activity is not known. There are only mentioned structures of other kings. As a contemporary testimonies of his reign, on the one hand is a graffito in the chapel of Ptah in the temple of Seti receive I. in Abydos, the Psusennes II as King of Upper and Lower Egypt ( Njswt bjtj ), High Priest of Amun -Re and military commander called. On the other hand his throne name is still an inscription on one of Sheshonk I. usurped Statuette of Thutmose III. occupied. From his grave features only a Uschebti is obtained.